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Discover Ute Valley Park

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Ute Valley Park. Hike, run, boulder or mountain bike and immerse yourself in the park's stunning surroundings. Join us and experience the wonders of nature firsthand.

Getting There

Ute Valley Park is nestled between Centennial Blvd, Vindicator Dr and I-25 in Colorado Springs with 5 convenient parking locations.

Leave No Trace

Ute Valley Park proudly supports the Leave No Trace Seven Principles. Please help keep the park safe and clean for all visitors by following the principles.

Please read and always obey the rules of Ute Valley Park.

  • A lone tree in Ute Valley Park

    Plan Ahead & Prepare

    A little preparation goes a long way! Checking the forecast, planning your route, and reviewing the Rules and Regulations will help prepare you for your Ute Valley Park adventure.

  • Ute Valley Park trail

    Travel on Durable Surfaces

    Stay on designated trails to minimize soil erosion and preserve Ute Valley Park's natural features. Muddy trails? Hike right through them! And please respect Natural Preservation Area closures.

  • Rubbish in the dirt

    Dispose of Waste Properly

    Please pack out all trash items, including bagged dog waste, or place it into trash cans before leaving the park. This keeps Ute Valley Park looking (and smelling) bea-UTE-iful!

  • Flowers

    Leave What You Find

    From flowers to frog eggs, Ute Valley Park is full of fascinating features! Remember to take pictures of these fun finds and leave them where they are for other park users to discover.

  • A deer in Ute Valley Park

    Respect Wildlife

    Ute Valley Park provides essential habitat for a variety of animals. Please observe all wildlife from safe distances and never feed them. Keeping your pet on a leash protects everyone who uses, and lives in, the park.

  • Hikers walking on snow in the park

    Be Considerate of Other Visitors

    Practice recreational empathy! Enhance the experience of other park visitors by sharing the trail. Cyclists should always ride in control. Hikers, be mindful of the Downhill Bike Area trails.


Help keep Ute Valley Safe and Clean

For the safety and comfort of all visitors please read the rules the city of Colorado Springs enforces for all city parks and open spaces.
dog in park in front of mountains


Do more at Ute Valley Park

  • Hiking

    Explore the serene nature within a bustling city. Hike your way through forest and meadow while taking in the fresh air.

  • Mountain Biking

    Ute Valley Park offers a variety of tails suitable to mountain bikers as well as the designated downhill area for the adventurous.

  • Running

    Numerous trails from wide and flat to steep rocky offer joggers and trail runners the perfect opportunity to get outside.

  • Bouldering

    Located in the Southwest corner of the park, near Piñon Park Dr., you can explore the variety of climbing challenges.

Biker in the air at sunset


Discover the trails of Ute Valley Park

BeaUTEiful Loop

Ridge top views of Pikes Peak, Black Forest and Rockrimmon as well as meandering through dense forest and rocky outcrops.

Rattlesnake Ridge

Breathtaking views on a razor ridge where you can see Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, Piñon Valley as well as Black Forest. This is a very technical, sharp, rocky trail, great for a challenging hike, not recommended for most mountain bikers; only the most experienced.

High Arches loop

This quick loop is close to Vindicator Parking Lot and will take you through a rocky outcropping that overlooks a winding valley of an old ranch that was once located here. The trail winds down to a natural arch, ducking required. Also not recommended for beginning mountain bikers.

Black and Blue Loop

This loop has earned its name for mountain bikers; not for beginners. Located just off the Ute Valley Trail parking lot and will take you above a drainage creek. The black side is ranked black due to its challenging terrain of sharp rocks and steep grades. You will have to walk along the Tech Center Drive parking lot to make a full loop. The blue side of the loop is more flowing and takes you over a natural arch, a monstrous bridge that had to be built on site, mine tailings and a cave!

arch at ute valley park