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Leave No Trace

Leave What You Find

Ute Valley Park is not only a place of recreation and beauty but also a living museum where every rock, plant, and artifact tells a story of the natural and cultural history of the area. As visitors, we have the responsibility to preserve these stories and the park's integrity by following the Leave No Trace principle: Leave What You Find.

Person taking a photo of grasses

Leave What You Find at Ute Valley Park

Preserving the natural state of Ute Valley Park ensures that future generations can enjoy and learn from it just as we do today. The principle of Leave What You Find is crucial in maintaining the park’s untouched beauty and ecological balance.

What does it mean to Leave What You Find?

Leaving What You Find means:

  • Not picking flowers, plants, or fungi
  • Refraining from taking rocks, antlers, or other natural objects
  • Not disturbing historical structures and artifacts
  • Avoiding the creation of carvings, structures, or any other physical marks in the park

Why is it important to Leave What You Find?

Adhering to this principle is important because it:

  • Maintains the natural abundance and diversity for wildlife that depends on plants, rocks, and other natural features for their survival
  • Preserves the park as a historical and natural archive of the region
  • Ensures that the park remains a scenic destination for all visitors

How can visitors practice Leaving What You Find?

Visitors can practice this principle by:

  • Observing wildlife from a distance.

    Enjoy watching wildlife in their natural habitat without interfering. Not leashing your pets, feeding animals or approaching them can alter their behavior and endanger their safety and yours.

  • Taking photos instead of souvenirs.

    Capture memories with photographs rather than taking physical souvenirs. This allows the park to remain pristine for others and for you on your next visit.

  • Staying on established paths.

    By keeping to the trails, visitors avoid trampling on undeveloped land, which can contain fragile archaeological sites or unseen ecosystems.

  • Educating yourself and others.

    Learn about the cultural significance and the natural ecosystem of Ute Valley Park. Share your knowledge with others to promote awareness and respect for the Leave No Trace principles or volunteer to maintain the natural beauty of Ute Valley Park.

Embracing the Leave What You Find principle

By embracing the Leave What You Find principle, we ensure that Ute Valley Park remains a vibrant, living landscape. This not only enhances our own experience but also acts as a gift to those who will walk these trails after us. Let’s enjoy the natural splendor of Ute Valley Park and leave it just as we found it, untouched and full of wonder.