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Frequently asked questions

How do I find my way around UVP? I am always getting lost.
Please download the map or take a picture of our new trail map before you head out on the trail and always remember the parking lot that you parked in; we have several to choose from.
What are the park hours?
5am - 9pm from Nov 1 through April 30. 5am - 10pm May 1 through Oct 31
Where can I park my car?
Please see our visit page for trailhead information.
Are there bathroom facilities available?
There is a portable bathroom available at the Vindicator and South Rockrimmon parking lots.
What wildlife will I see?
We have abundant wildlife to watch out for; deer, bobcat, bear, mountain lions, pack rats, mice and we are famous for our Rattlesnakes. Please respect their habitat by staying on the trails at all times, giving wildlife abundant space, NEVER try to engage with our wild family.
I saw a rattlesnake. What should I do?
Ute Valley Park is a open space and wildlife lives there. Stay calm, back away and do not agitate it. Please stay on the trails!
How do I get involved with Ute Valley Park?
Please see our volunteer page.

Leave No Trace

Ute Valley Park proudly supports The 7 Principles of Leave No Trace.

Please read and always obey the rules of Ute Valley Park.