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New Wayfinding Package Installed at Ute Valley Park

Ute Valley Park, a popular destination for hiking, mountain biking, dog walking, and running in Colorado Springs, has recently received a new wayfinding package to enhance the visitor experience. The wayfinding package consists of signage that displays the trail names and directions, making it easier for users to navigate and orient themselves within the park.

The wayfinding package was purchased in part by community donations from park users and supporters who wanted to improve the park’s accessibility and safety. The Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services provided the remainder of the funding and installed the signage throughout the park. The project was completed in October 2023, just in time for the fall season.

The new wayfinding package is part of the ongoing efforts to preserve and improve Ute Valley Park, a 550-acre open space that offers vistas, geological features, and diverse wildlife. The park is also home to the Laramie Formation archway, a unique rock formation that is a landmark for the park and the city.

If you love Ute Valley Park and want to get involved in its conservation and enhancement, there are many ways you can do so. You can donate to Friends of Ute Valley Park, a nonprofit organization that works to protect and promote the park. You can also volunteer for trail maintenance and other projects that will take place next Spring 2024. To learn more about how you can support Ute Valley Park, visit our volunteer page or follow us Facebook

Ute Valley Park is a gem in the heart of Colorado Springs, and with the new wayfinding package, it is even more enjoyable and user-friendly. Whether you are a regular visitor or a first-timer, you will find something to love and appreciate in this park. Come and explore Ute Valley Park today and see for yourself!