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2022 Volunteer Update

Weather, footsteps, and bike tires all take their toll on the many trails in and around Ute Valley Park. Sometimes the property gets more help from the weather and this year was a bit of a toss-up. Significant snowfall in May was certainly impactful with lots of melting and erosion. Park users are anxious to get back outside after being shelved for a few days, and damage caused on wet, mucky trails must be tended to. As a reminder we always ask users to be mindful of that and maybe wait a bit for drying to occur before returning. Warm weather and mostly dry conditions prevailed through most of year into the fall to aid in the trail work.

Each year spring through fall the Friends of Ute Valley Park, a volunteer organization, oversees volunteer workdays to try and keep up with and even get ahead of that impact. This critical work involves general trail maintenance, rogue trail closings, erosion control, and other projects identified by our partners at Colorado Springs Park, Recreation, and Culture. They provide essential guidance for everyone helping to ensure their personal safety and for successful results for the time investment everyone provides.

This year the FUVP was able to report that we recorded 201 individual volunteer sessions over the workday season. There were an additional 71 unique volunteer sessions that originate through a variety of area corporate, club, and school partners that gave us their time. The final tally is 488 all-in volunteer hours! Those are numbers to celebrate which we did at Red Leg Brewery (a corporate UVP sponsor) and treated many of our volunteers to UVP swag and a beverage of their choice for their essential help. The hard work and support from our volunteers have helped keep UVP in great shape for so many others to enjoy. All these efforts spearheaded by the Friends of Ute Valley Park Committee resulted in the FUVP being recognized by the Trails and Open Space Coalition as the 2022 Friends Group of the Year.

That is recognition we are quite proud to be able to share with so many people that literally had a hand, or hands, in making that happen.

The change in season has concluded the work sessions for now but soon we will need volunteer help to start tackling the next round of work we know that UVP will require. Pay attention to our website and our other forms of outreach requesting volunteer help and please consider giving some of your time to help keep Ute Valley Park the jewel of all parks in Colorado Springs.